About Line

When I was 15 I said, “I will move to Greece when I’m thirty years old.” I’m not quite thirty and I’m not quite in Greece but I did end up meeting the principle of that goal.

I’m a female academic from Denmark (the tiny Scandinavian nation of Lego, vikings, Danish pastry and a royal family) and I just moved to Brisbane, Australia, to live with my Australian boyfriend. I’ve been to Australia once before I moved here and found myself notising all the small things that are different to the rest of the Western world that I know. Both good and bad, and big and small. That is what I will blog about. – What I experience.

From the perspective of a Scandinavian woman beginning a new chapter of her life.

The first chapter of my life concerns my childhood and upbringing. I was born March 29 1984 in Denmark, grew up with my lovely parents and two brothers in Mid Jutland. Great upbringing. No dramas.

Chapter two started when I moved away from home just before I turned twenty. I’ve had so many different jobs, never been fired though, but mostly I’ve worked at shoe stores, so ask me anything about shoes and I’ll answer you. Or make up an answer for the sake of it. Shortly after I turned twenty, I was promoted to be the Assistant Store Manager at ALDO Shoes, Randers. This made me realise that I did not want to sell shoes for the rest of my life. However, I wanted to do “something with leadership”. Somehow, I ended up at the University College for  Pedagogy/Education (Pædagogseminariet), Aalborg, Northern Jutland. One day, I found myself at the woods with my classmates and teacher, hugging a tree, blindfolded, and having to express my emotions about that tree. True story. And that was the end of that education for me.
Shortly after, I enrolled at the University of Aalborg at the Faculty of Humanities. Five years later, I am proud to say that I hold a BA in Huministic Informatics: Communication and a MA in Culture, Communication & Globalization: Organizational Culture & Leadership.

Third chapter is right now. This blog.
I met my Australian boyfriend on a holiday in Greece more than four years ago when I smacked him in the head with a bathroom door at some random bar. Now we want to live in Brisbane, Australia. So here I am. Currently, I’m here on a Tourist Visa but I should hopefully be granted my Partner Visa before the end of 2012. Since I am currently not allowed to hold a job, I have plenty of time to explore the city, the aussie culture, and blog about it. Here goes…


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