New Zealand and New Job

I had to leave Australia for four days to be granted my partner visa, so I went to beautiful New Zealand and stayed with a couple of friends in Auckland. New Zealand is soooo green as you can see from the photos below. However, it was just as cold as it is green which made me long for Denmark 🙂

After 10 hours in Auckland I received an email confirming that my partner visa has been granted!

This means that I am now an Australian resident with the right to live and work here. Indefinitely, it actually says on my visa.

Here is a couple of photos of my wonderful trip to New Zealand. The first photo is taken from Mount Eden with a view of Auckland city in the background.

Auckland is in the background

Auckland is in the background

And here’s a tree in a park in Auckland. Green.

Green park

Green park

Auckland has a lot to offer and I can definitely recommend Auckland Art Gallery and the War Memorial Museum.

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery

The Art Gallery showcases mostly modern art but also a section with more traditional art. The War Memorial Museum is a gigantic museum and you can easily spend 3-5 hours here. The museum is divided into several sections on three floors. The exhibitions include Mauri culture, dinosaurs, vulcanos, war, wildlife, nautical, and the like. Basically, you get the FULL story on New Zealand and it is definitely worth it to spend half a day at the museum. If not more. The over priced cafĂ© is not recommended. You will be educated in an inspiring and entertaining way at the museum. Don’t miss out on the earth quake simulator!

Auckland War Memorial Museum - the mauri section

Auckland War Memorial Museum – the mauri section

If you are more of an outdoor kind of person you must visit the beautiful parks or do the Friday Rum Race like I did. It’s for a good cause and a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. The photo below says it all…

After returning to Australia, and an exhausting job hunt, I have finally been employed as the Functions Manager at a Hotel in Brisbane. I truly love the feeling of coming home tired from a hard day at work. Needless to say, I cannot wait to receive my first pay slip after five years of studying including poverty like conditions. First thing on my list “to buy”, is a Christmas present for my boyfriend. Second thing – shoes (thongs)!

Friday afternoon Rum Race in Auckland

Friday afternoon Rum Race in Auckland


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