Why this blog?

A few weeks before leaving Denmark I decided to start blogging. My purpose is to portrait my view on moving from a Scandinavian culture to the Australian culture. I’ll explore both the great nature, art, and history of the country, but the main focus is the day-to-day experiences. The small things I pick up on, which I find funny and interesting. I’m not going to write about hair products etcetera. – You can find a beauty blog for that, if that’s what you fancy.
I’ll write about subjects that I think are interesting to those reading this blog. You. If this blog was for me, I would do a diary. This blog is for you.

So why did I move?
July 2008 I slammed a door into a guy’s face at a bar in Parga, Greece. I just moved in with this guy in South Brisbane. That’s the short version of the story.
He has lived in Greece for the past six years or so which made the long distance relationship work. I was able to live and holiday with him for longer periods of time, since I have been a full-time student the past five years. I can’t even count how many times I have packed my books, computer, and shoes (many!) to stay with him whilst studying.

After graduating my MA it was time to settle down a place where I can start my career, and we settled on Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. AKA Brissie/BNE.
I’m here on a Tourist Visa as I am awaiting a decision on my application for a Partner Visa, which I should get December 5 2012 the latest. Hopefully.

One final note: Primarily, I will blog in English as all people I know can speak/read/write in English, except for my beloved grandmom. I’m sure my mom will translate for her, as my mom always goes out of her way to be good to others. If the world was full of people like my mom, this place would be perfect 🙂
However, for some posts I will write in Danish. These will not be of any interest to people that are not from Denmark/Scandinavia, and I know that it is always easier to read in your first language. Plus I want to keep up my Danish literacy.


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