10 Reasons

10 reasons why I should become your new employee

  1. Drive, strong work ethics, and motivation defines me as an employee.
  2. So does my ability to think analytically and strategically implement innovative solutions – this is my work approach: research, reflect, analyse, plan, implement, evaluate.
  3. I’m a proactive problem-solver. I constantly generate new ideas and ways of improvement in accordance with optimising brand value and customer experience.
  4. I deliver concise messages to the targeted audience through the appropriate channel, consistent with the corporate brand.
  5. I am highly knowledgeable within social media, digital communication, branding, strategic communication, corporate communication, crisis communication, copy writing, and research. On top of that, I have a natural flair for aesthetic design.
  6. I am hands-on experienced developing marketing campaigns, website and social media content, copy-writing, research, events, personal sales, and customer service.
  7. I am tech-savvy with the ability to quickly obtain and implement new knowledge. I take pride in always being on top of what’s new in the digital, social, and corporate world of communication.
  8. I am an empathic businesswoman: the perfect combination of being customer-centric whilst focussed on KPIs and ROI.
  9. I have strong interpersonal skills enabling me to build relationships and to communicate effectively with people across all levels.
  10. I thrive working autonomously due to my discipline and efficiency. Furthermore, my social nature makes me a great team player as well.

All things communication, social, and digital is not just a choice of career path to me. Its my passion.

If you want to know more about my postgraduate degree in Culture, Communication and Globalisation or my hard skills, check out my CV. If you want to know which skills my former colleagues and fellow research students endorse me for, check out my LinkedIn profile.


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